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Here at in INAMINIM we are dedicated to curating and creating quality music resources. Our aim is to do this as freely as possible with as much free content and downloads as can reasonably be expected. We know the struggle it is trying to plan for lessons or look for some resources and ideas to use. We aim to bring that search time down to a minimum through our endeavours on this site.

We will provide the majority of our sheets, worksheets, PowerPoints and other resources free for use for educational purposes through download on our site. To help keep this site running we ask for you to consider donating to the running costs of this site via PayPal if you use our free resources on a regular basis.

For other means of funding we will promote affiliate links to products we believe are beneficial resources for music education. These links tell the website that we referred you to their product and we will receive a commission at no additional cost to you should you then purchase from that site.

We will create also products such as arrangements and, work books, and other physical products that cannot be downloaded and as such we will need to sell these on sites like Etsy, Amazon or through some other means. We will need to do this in a way which covers our costs and give enough profit to ensure we can continue to provide the physical resource. Check out our website contributors below

Barry McCormick

DipMusRSAMD, MA Music with Theology


I have studied at music earnestly since my teens and it has been a life long pursuit which has lead me to studying music and gaining qualifications at two of Scotland’s most prestigious institutions; the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now RCS); and the University of Glasgow.

I have been involved in education for over 20 years from primary to adult ages and in using music to help those in recovery from mental health issues. One of my interests was creating resources for my students and so I decided to put that into use and create this website to share these resources I have found and created to help music teachers and students with their goals.

A particular passion is composing and arranging music which I share for sale on numerous platforms. I write songs, mainly of a faith based perspective but have written in other genres.

My Compositions and Arangements

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If would like to get in touch you can use social media or the contact page on this site and I will be more than happy to discuss any questions or queries.

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