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Welcome to Inanminum, the online music resource hub

What are we about at INAMINIM

Hello and welcome to my site. We are still under construction as you may well see from the lack of content so far. We hope to start getting great quality content up to help resource you in your own music teaching and learning.

I would love to provide quality content that you want and would use in your everyday learning or teaching with no (where possible) or as little cost as possible. We ultimately want to provide quality learning and teaching resources in a range of levels and disciplines. We will do this through videos online and downloadable sheets and PowerPoints.

Help us provide the resources you want.

To do so, comment, get in contact, give ideas of what resources you may feel are lacking, could be improved or we need some more focus on.

I am a guitarist and pianist but with arranging and composing as main area of expertise a long with teaching for over half of my life. So any resources related to these areas or singing, I could probably research and make decent resources for. I am also keen to learn more and provide other resources in other areas of music. These other areas however may take longer to provide resource if I have less experience.

Get in touch

You can comment below, use the contact page or the the contact box to the right to help make this site a great resource for all musicians.

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